Owning an Accessory Trailer Unit



Our accessory trailer units are portable and have a small footprint giving you flexibility in where you choose to place them. Your own secluded slice of paradise may be more attainable than ever. 

How would you use it?

  • Place on your own land

  • Rent land

  • Keep it with us on our land and have it placed on one of many locations on the big island and even moved from one to another.


Our ATUs are built on super solid trailers making them closer to an RV than typical real estate. They are often referred to as "House-Trailers," "Trailer Homes," "Tiny Homes on Wheels," or "THOWs" and as such are registered with the DMV.  

  • Trailer- Not a Permanent or Permitted Structure



Our ATUs are completely transportable on most roadways! This means you can hook up your new tiny to the back of your heavy-duty truck and go, or have movers assist you (we know people ;).

  • Truck with a Substantial Tow Capacity 

  • We Can Coordinate with Movers to do it for You



Our ATUs do not come 100% self-contained, as most people's use does not align with having holding tanks on board.  All you will need is a water source- from another house, tank, or catchment; a power source- from another house, solar, or generator; and a septic system- from another house, have one installed on your land, have a holding tank, or get a composting toilet.

  • Off-grid Options

  • On-grid Options


Our ATUs are not typical real estate and therefore people are not able to take out a standard mortgage on them, but they are becoming more and more recognized as legitimate investments. If your current bank is unwilling to help you, you can always seek help elsewhere.  

  • Yes, There are Lenders for this type of investment.

  • Yes, There are Insurers of this type of investment.

  • Yes, We Take Cash or Bitcoin.

  • Yes, we are Working on Creating Financing Options!