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Owning an Accessory Trailer Unit



Our ATUs are portable and have a small footprint giving you flexibility in where you choose to place them. Your own secluded slice of paradise may be more attainable than ever. 

How would you use it?

  • Place on your own land

  • Rent land

  • Keep it with us on our land and have it placed on one of many locations on the big island and even moved from one to another.


Our ATUs are built on super solid trailers making them closer to an RV than typical real estate. 

What does ATU stand for? If you're wondering what ATU means, an ATU is an "Accessory Trailer Unit" and is a term we coined to describe exactly what it is that we build. 

That sounds a lot like ADU...

You may have heard of "ADUs" or the term "Accessory Dwelling Unit" used in real estate. "ADU" is used to describe  an out-building that is stand-alone from the "main house" but has everything a person needs to live comfortably (in Hawaii, we call them Ohanas). You can think of an ATU as an ADU except ATUs give you the option to move should you ever choose and are not technically considered real estate unless attached to a permanent foundation. 

These types of structures are also often referred to as "House-Trailers," "Trailer Homes," "Tiny Homes on Wheels," or "THOWs" and as such, can be registered with the DMV.  

  • Portable Trailer Unit- Not a Permanent or Permitted Structure

  • ATU- Accessory Trailer Unit- Units built with trailer as it's foundation

  • ADU- Accessory Dwelling Unit- not easily movable if at all



Our ATUs are completely transportable on most roadways and ocean freight! This means you can hook up your ATU to the back of your heavy-duty truck and go, or have movers assist you (we know people ;). Companies like Young Brothers, Matson, and Pasha can even move your ATU off island.

  • Truck with a Substantial Tow Capacity 

  • We Can Coordinate with Movers to do it for You

  • Shipping units inter-island or to the mainland is easy



Our ATUs do not come 100% self-contained, as most people's use does not align with having holding tanks on board.  All you will need is a water source- from another house, tank, or catchment; a power source- from another house, solar, or generator; and a septic system- from another house, have one installed on your land, have a holding tank, or get a composting toilet.

  • Off-grid Options

  • On-grid Options


Our ATUs are not typical real estate and therefore people are not able to take out a standard mortgage on them, but they are becoming more and more recognized as legitimate investments. If your current bank is unwilling to help you, you can always seek help elsewhere.  

  • Yes, There are Lenders for this type of investment.

  • Yes, There are Insurers of this type of investment.

  • Yes, We Take Cash or Bitcoin.

  • Yes, we Know of Financing Options!

  • The Unbankers

Are you dreaming of living in Hawaii but are having trouble getting excited about the long stressful work intensive process and expense of building a house in Hawaii? Do you want to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of the islands without being tied down to a fixed location or a hefty mortgage? If so, you've come to the right place; let Paradise Tiny Homes prove how straightforward our process is and how easy owning a place in Hawaii can be. 

Paradise Tiny Homes is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in designing and building custom tiny homes on wheels. Unlike other Hawaii home builders, we don't offer permitted structures that require lengthy and costly building permits, construction loans, and inspections. Instead, we build portable units on trailers that are NOAH certified and can be easily towed and parked anywhere you want that allows it. Our tiny homes are an alternative to traditional real estate that offer you freedom, beauty, and affordability as well as a land network with plenty of local residents ready to welcome you. 

Why Choose Paradise Tiny Homes?


Not being classified as "real estate" has it's perks, especially when we see these assets appreciate like real estate and make rental revenue like real estate. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Paradise Tiny Homes over other options for obtaining a home in Hawaii or relocating to Hawaii:

- Save money: The average cost to build a house in Hawaii is dependent on the quality of materials used, design, and who's providing the labor; at $580 per square foot, a 2,500-square-foot house could cost $1.45 million excluding land.  The average cost of a tiny home on wheels varies from state to state, but tiny homes are known for having much higher prices per square foot than typical homes due to all of the elements still being present- just with less empty floor space (there are custom built-ins throughout, all the appliances are included, and the kitchen and bathroom take up a healthy chuck- which are notoriously more expensive than other rooms in a home). If we were buying cookie-cutter pre-fab units from China, that would be one way to bring the price per square foot of a tiny home lower but we are in the business of bespoke local handmade goods.  You can save on land costs, property taxes, utility bills, and maintenance costs with a tiny home in a big way and be surrounded by more beauty and luxury than many larger houses and condos are offering. 
- Save time: The average time to build a house in Hawaii is 7 months according to some sources but as an owner-builder, I'd say that's up for debate, and also, when are we starting the clock because designing, planning, and permitting seem to take just as long as the construction, so, the entire process, start to finish, usually takes much longer depending on the permitting process, the availability of materials and labor, and the weather conditions. The average time to build a tiny home on wheels for us is 5 months, but it can be faster or slower depending on your design and preferences. 
- Save the environment: Tiny homes on wheels are more eco-friendly than regular houses because they use less resources, produce less waste, and have a smaller carbon footprint. You can also choose to power your tiny home with solar panels or other renewable energy sources, and use water-saving and composting features to reduce your environmental impact. We use recycled and repurposed materials when it makes sense to and also source many of our products here, on-island. 
- Customize your home: We can design your tiny home on wheels according to your needs, tastes, and budget. You can choose from different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, materials, and features to create your dream home. Lets make your friends with bigger houses jealous. You can also add or change elements of your tiny home as you go along, making it more adaptable and versatile.
- Explore new places: With a tiny home on wheels, you can travel and live anywhere you want. You can enjoy the scenic views of the ocean, the mountains, the forests, or the city from your tiny home. You can also join our land network and rent a spot on one of our partner properties across Hawaii. You can stay as long as you want or move to a different location whenever you feel like it.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Tiny Home Builders in Hawaii?

At Paradise Tiny Homes, we are passionate about creating top-quality, luxury tiny homes on wheels that suit your lifestyle and budget while holding value and remaining a good investment. We are different from other tiny home builders in Hawaii because:

- We have a very creative and collaborative "anything's possible" outlook with 10+ years of design and construction experience. We have built tiny homes for families, couples, singles, retirees, travelers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more.
- We are a team of skilled professionals who handle every aspect of your tiny home project from start to finish with meticulous attention to detail. We have architects, engineers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, decorators, and more who work together to ensure your satisfaction.
- We use only the best materials and equipment to build your tiny home on wheels. We source our materials locally whenever possible and use eco-friendly and durable products that can withstand the Hawaiian climate and terrain.

-We offer a range of services and support to make your tiny home journey easier and more enjoyable. We offer free consultations, design assistance, financing options, delivery and setup services, limited warranty coverage, and after-sales care. We also provide access to our land network, where you can rent a spot for your tiny home on wheels on one of our partner properties across Hawaii.
- We have a portfolio of satisfied customers who can attest to the quality and value of our tiny homes on wheels. You can check out our testimonials and reviews on our website and social media platforms. You can also visit our virtual showroom and see some of our models online or set up an appointment to see our work in person.

Ready to Start Your Tiny Home Adventure?

If you are interested in constructing a new house in Hawaii, you don't have to settle for the typical building process that is expensive, time-consuming, and restrictive. Enjoy the benefits of being a part of our tiny home on wheels community in Hawaii that is affordable, top quality, fast, and flexible (we know you typically can't have all of those things but we are the exception). 

If you already have plans to follow through with new construction, our ATUs can still be a great Ohana unit that gets you through the construction process of your main house being built- it can give you a place to stay in the meantime. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and get a quote for your custom tiny home on wheels. Whether you are moving to Hawaii or relocating in Hawaii, we can help you find the perfect tiny home solution for your needs.

Paradise Tiny Homes is more than just a tiny home builder in Hawaii. We are your partner in creating your dream home and lifestyle in paradise. Don't miss this opportunity to join the tiny home movement and experience the freedom and joy of living in a tiny home on wheels.


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