Where to Keep Your Tiny Home

Can I Keep it with you?

We are currently and actively working to establishing a property where our clients can keep their tiny homes here on the Big Island. You can purchase a tiny home without the worry of where to move it, or keep it. You would not need to purchase or prep land in order to have your very own place.  We would even care for it if you were away. 

I Have Family and Friends with Property

If you have family or friends who own land that has no restrictions for homes on wheels, you might ask if you can park on their property for a set amount of time.

What About My Own Property?

Don't own any land yet? Let us know if we can help you find something that will work with your lifestyle here on the Big Island

Is Hawaii a Good Place?

One great thing about Hawaii is that you can really embrace the outdoors and comfortably spend time inside and outside of your tiny home. It seems to us to be the perfect place, and many agree:

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