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The Bathhouse

The Bathhouse.png

Comes Finished & Furnished with:

  • Trailer

  • Tile work

  • Cedar Siding & Accents

  • Standard Flush Toilet or Composting Toilet

  • Vinyl Lifeproof Flooring

  • Accent lighting

  • Ceiling fans

  • Electric

  • Outdoor shower(s)

  • Tub (optional)

  • Sauna (optional)

  • Number of toilets optional


  • Body Length: 16'

  • Width: 8'

  • Height: 12'

  • Trailer: Custom 8'x16'

  • Ceiling Height: 7-10'


  • Framing: Wood

  • Siding: Cedar, Ply

  • Roof: Metal -Shed

  • Ceiling: Tongue and groove -wood with exposed beams

We've created an option for those who want a detached bathhouse/restroom- maybe for those multiple detached Guest Rooms or maybe you run a glamping site and need some extra comforts added. We are flexible with what is included: saunas, steam rooms, soaking tubs, etc. 

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