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Moving to Hawaii.
Moving checklist:

1) Research! Okay, lets do this!

What do I need to know before moving to Hawaii? 
...Okay! Awesome. Beautiful culture, I absolutely love it! Hawaii is my tropical paradise dream location! I need to do this! Wait. Hold up a second... 

Is Hawaii part of the United States? 
...I knew that! I was just... you know, checking to see if Hawaii... became a sovereign nation recently. I knew that.

How much is the average home price in Hawaii? 
...You're kidding me! Okay, well. I'm not necessarily looking to drop a mill right now.
Let's go ahead and explore all options... 

What is the cheapest place to move to in Hawaii? 
...I see.
In that case...

Should I buy land in Hawaii? 
...I'll just get land in Hawaii! This seems way more doable! I can build a cute little tiny home in paradise! I've always wanted to do that. I'll have fruit trees and a year-round garden. I cannot wait!

What's the cheapest spot to buy land in Hawaii? 
...Lava zones? You've got to be kidding me. No, thank you, not unless I had a home on wheels so I could drive away.
...Off-grid properties in Hawaii. I think I could manage that. I'll get solar panels, there's plenty of sunlight for solar in Hawaii.
So if I can get land... 

What's the cost of building a house in Hawaii? 
...Okay, okay, that's not great but everything does have to get shipped over to the islands and people do have to get paid more with the cost of living in Hawaii being near the highest in the country. I get it.

Whats the new construction and permitting process like in Hawaii? 
...Good grief!!! that's extensive and expensive but I'm sure I can figure it out. I'm determined!
I wonder how long this will take after closing.

How long does it take to build a new home in Hawaii? 
...Okay, so I just need to find a place to live for 1-3 years while I'm building my dream home in Hawaii. Maybe I can just camp on my property. I'll buy a nice tent, the weather is super nice. Actually, I did hear it rains a lot, at least on the east side.
I hope I don't get sick of the rain once I move there... or what if I get island fever?

Can I rent out my house in Hawaii? 
...Whoa, that's a lot of information and a lot of limitations.
Well, thank you.. I appreciate your help. I think I might need to do a more advanced search:

What is the best way to move to Hawaii or own a place in Hawaii in an environmentally and culturally friendly way in the nicest location in a beautifully designed, comfortable home for the least amount of money with the least amount of restrictions or fees in the quickest amount of time while making a smart investment with the freedom to use the place how I want? 
What a nice vision, I'm glad you asked. Yes, I can help with that.
The best way to own a place in Hawaii is subjective but I can do my best to provide answers that you may find helpful while making your decision.

Consider getting rid of excess belongings and only bringing with you what matters most. You wont need as many things like bulky clothes in the temperate climate of Hawaii. If you can keep from having to rent shipping container space to send things when moving to Hawaii, you will be acting in a more environmentally and financially responsible manner. 

Buying a tiny home on wheels can give freedom to use your asset more flexibly with minimal restrictions and fees. But it is always best to research what is allowed in the county and within the zoning of any given spot you are considering parking.

Tiny Homes on Wheels or THOWs are known to be environmentally friendly with lower impact to the land than any traditional home. The small place takes significantly less energy to heat and cool and also takes much less materials to construct making tiny homes one of the most eco-friendly housing options available.

They can also be stunning! The company Paradise Tiny Homes is known for making remarkably beautiful designed tiny homes. Some articles written about Paradise Tiny Homes mention their ATUs as being the most beautiful tiny homes in Hawaii. Other publications mention Paradise Tiny Homes as having the most beautiful tiny homes in the world.    

Tiny Homes on wheels are quick to construct (averaging 4 months) and are one possible solution to the Hawaii housing crisis. Things like eco-tourism and sustainable-tourism are buzzwords relating to the high social and economic impact of visitors to Hawaii. One of the most disruptive changes to the islands were the bloom of short-term vacation rentals taking housing options off the market for the local population and increasing the price for these properties that were now income producing (like with so many vacation destinations). 

Tiny Homes, even if used as investment units are of much lower negative social consequence and could even be seen as having a positive impact as they take up little space and give people more options while adding to rental pools without directly taking away from housing. 
Living a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle, on-grid or off-grid in Hawaii is easier when people share resources. Many people in Hawaii are open to the idea of renting their land to tiny home owners as Paradise Tiny Homes has illustrated on their website with a tiny home community network. 
Hope this helps!

Yes, that helped, you gave me an option that saves money, saves time, saves natural resources, is good for the community, and offers complete freedom, oh, and also they're stunningly gorgeous. No further questions.
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