Our Outlook

    We believe that a person's house should be in alignment with the way they want to live- a reflection of what they want from life.  Personal freedom and happiness should not be compromised by your home or property but should be perpetuated by it.

    We design every inch of our tiny homes with purpose.

    We don't see downsizing or living in a small space as having to do without, we see it as living with more of what matters and less of that which does not. 


The Creators

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Dan Madsen, also the owner of Oasis Skate Shop in Hilo, Hawaii and Mixed Plate Designs, has been building and designing since he was 12. From constructing tree-houses and small skateboard ramps to later, regular houses and very large skate ramps, Dan has become a skilled craftsman. He has spent the last decade working on numerous tiny homes including a select few featured on HGTV. He has gone on to create signature tiny-home designs that Paradise Tiny Homes is now making available to you.


Ellie Madsen also the owner of Ellie K. Design has strong roots in property management and interior design. Absorbing all that she could while growing up with parents that not only managed multiple apartments but built a log cabin and renovated dilapidated apartment buildings, she carried that knowledge forward into her own rehab properties and vacation rental management. Ellie, while being hands-on in the construction of these artistic and one-of-a-kind tiny-homes, specializes in conceptual design and interior design.


These two siblings, after having been living in different states for a decade came back together. They saw that their two different but compatible skill sets could come together beautifully to produce some of the most unique and remarkable homes in Hawaii.