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    We are a Brother-Sister Team Designing and Building Luxury Hand Crafted Accessory Trailer Units on the Big Island of Hawaii.


We started working together on Paradise Tiny Homes in 2019 and have been very much enjoying the creative process. We love designing unique spaces for those interested in investing in alternative solutions. 

On-grid, off-grid, short-term, long-term, main house, guest house -regardless of how you choose to use them, we believe ATU and tiny home communities are an awesome way to allow people to be where they want to be while doing want they want to do without compromising what they "really want!"  

   As the median home price all over Hawaii approaches one million dollars, we see the overwhelming need for affordable housing. 

   Our goal is to create an inventory of modestly priced ATUs that are ultra-desirable, comfortable, and luxurious!

   We want our homeowners to feel a sense of pride in their choice to go tiny and be able to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle here on the islands.

    The hardworking people of Hawaii should not need to downgrade or be relocated because of the housing market/crisis.

   We want to perpetuate the idea that living tiny is not just the most practical or responsible choice for many, but also that you can quite literally be surrounded by more beauty, quality, and creative architecture and design than so many larger homes with bigger price tags have to offer. 

We are always happy to connect with others interested in collaborating and creating opportunities ;)


The Creators

DSC_0026 (1).jpg

Dan Madsen, also the owner of Oasis Skate Shop in Hilo, Hawaii and Mixed Plate Productions, has been building and designing since he was 12. From constructing tree-houses and small skateboard ramps to later, regular houses and very large skate ramps, Dan has become a skilled craftsman. He has spent the last decade working on numerous tiny homes including a select few featured on HGTV. He has gone on to create signature tiny-home designs that Paradise Tiny Homes is now making available to you.


Ellie Madsen also the owner of Ellie K. Design has strong roots in property management and renovations. While being hands-on in the construction of these artistic one-of-a-kind tiny homes, she specializes in designing them. Ellie is passionate about creative housing solutions and running businesses that solve problems in sustainable ways. 


These two siblings had been living in two different states for over a decade and decided to reunite to create Paradise Tiny Homes. They saw that their different but compatible skills and passions could come together beautifully to produce some of the most unique and remarkable homes in Hawaii.

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