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Our Accessory Trailer Units are made on the Big Island of Hawaii and are thoughtfully and artistically crafted. All ATUs are built here locally on the Big Island, and as much as possible, using local materials, local labor and local distributors. We leave selling prefabricated tiny homes, container homes, modular homes, and bringing in pre-built units from China and the mainland to others.

    We offer alternatives to Hawaii luxury real estate and alternatives to Hawaii luxury homes. We design and build Accessory Trailer Units that are thoughtfully designed eco-friendly structures on wheels that are relatively quick to complete, sustainable, transportable and attainable ranging from $50k-$300k. Our pricing is transparent and most ATU customizations are included (as is inter-island shipping;). 

If you're in the market for real estate in Hawaii or already own property on the islands, have a look at our versatile products to see if we can help you get where you want to get, be where you want to be, and do what you want to do.

The Lanai

$98,000 all-inclusive
1 bed 1 bath

$75k shell exterior finished
8x20' trailer
160 sqft
Pre-order 3-6 months 
Own the very 1st

The Queen

$249,000 all-inclusive
loft 1 bath
8x28' trailer
287 sqft
ellie k. design
Pre-order 6-12 months 
Own the very 1st

    Paradise Tiny Homes believes that quality and beauty are necessities especially in a small space. What you surround yourself with has significant influence and implication. We believe that having expertly crafted and thoughtfully designed space can dramatically improve the overall quality in all facets of life. This is why we're partnered with Ellie K. Design: to ensure every single detail of our ATUs are meditated on and handled with deliberateness. We continually fine-tune our designs and skills and continue to learn while working with a talented crew of impressive artists and skilled trades people. We take our time searching for the highest quality repurposed, recycled, renewed, and local materials not only as our responsibility towards our community and sustainability but for our units to have character, integrity, and soul. Each creation is treated as a unique work of art. We remain inspired and influenced by the rich diverse culture of Hawaii and nature, incorporating natural shapes, textures, colors, and materials. You will see local mango wood, ohia, koa, robusta, monkey pod, and various drift-woods throughout our builds.  We research the latest materials and appliances for our hand-crafted accessory trailer units (ATUs) while always remembering to keep things as simple as possible.  We are so grateful to be able to be creative in our mediums of choice: local hardwoods and bamboo, stone & tile, copper & stainless steel, quartz & glass; our ATUs are built to withstand the jungle and last.   

*NOAH Certified ATU Tiny Homes


     We continue to grow our
Hawaii Tiny Home Community Land Network

     Lead times vary depending on orders placed ahead of you. 
Call to reserve our next creation and lets start discussing the ways we will make it uniquely yours:  

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