Yumiko's Oasis
Hilo, Hawaii

Yumiko's Oasis was the original Oasis, if fact, it was the first home Dan and I built together. The signature round window was actually a craigslist score of two semi-circle windows that we put together to form this eye-catching bar seating area. There are live-edge mango wood window sills and bar slabs throughout. We used french doors turned on their side as kitchen awning pass-through windows that open the space up and allow you to entertain guests out on the outdoor-bar lanai. 

The kitchen has an industrial feel with Husky brand tool cabinets as kitchen drawers.

A curved roof with exposed curved beams makes the loft feel expansive and welcoming. For the rounded roofing above this section we used re-purposed catchment tank panels. 

The tiled corner shower is pushed out over the tongue on the trailer adding space to the bathroom and allowed for the clear roofing above so the space feels bright and we even added plants as to make it feel as though you are showering outside.



Christyn's Oasis
Kona, Hawaii

Christyn's Oasis was painted to match the other structures on the property where it was to be parked. It almost looks like it is part of the main house because of it's color and positioning in the front yard of a half-acre lot. It was propped up on a hill so that the front where the circle window is placed is high up off the ground and looks out at an ocean view. 

The cobalt blues that you see incorporated in our clients favorite color and they helped to pick out the tile that was used. 

The backsplash is double level so you have space for your spices. This unit had a washer/dryer, full sized fridge, dishwasher, and built-in oven. 

There is a loft net/hammock placed in the living space for more lounging room and a fold out sleeper love-seat which had been allowing three to live in the unit while they give their "main house" on the property up for other purposes. 


Jeane's Oasis
Hana, Maui

Jeane's Oasis was requested in white and made quite custom including exterior artwork.

A bathtub was a must-have so instead of doing our corner shower with curved glass doors, we made the bump-out wall round to match the curve of the tub. This bumped-out section created an opening above the tub where we placed a dome skylight so keep it feeling light and bright as if you are outdoors. 

The loft was extended over the bathroom as well as the kitchen adding a full other level to the loft which fits not only a bed but also has a reading nook at a large floor to ceiling semi-circle window that follows the curve of the rounded roof. 

Our client wanted things kept bright and chose a grey/white flooring for this unit with gold fixtures. 


Alane's Paradise
Hana, Maui

Alane's Paradise was the second accessory trailer unit that left the Big Island and made the journey to Hana, Maui

It is set up using the loft as the main sleeping area instead of on the main floor. Access to the loft is granted from a ladder in the back room.

It shows how a different furniture layout can really change the look and feel of a place. 

As you walk through the entry, this unit has a live edge mango bar slab as a desk/dining area with bar stools.   

Light blue gives a coastal feel to this exterior and the floor to ceiling tile work echoes that sentiment.