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     Oasis 2 was painted to match the other structures on the property where it was to be parked. It almost looks like it is part of the main house because of it's color and positioning in the front yard of a half-acre lot. It was propped up on a hill so that the front where the circle window is placed is high up off the ground and looks out at an ocean view. 

The cobalt blues that you see incorporated in is our clients favorite color and they helped to pick out the tile that was used. 

The backsplash is double level so you have space for your spices. This unit had a washer/dryer, full sized fridge, dishwasher, and built-in oven. 

There is a loft net/hammock placed in the living space for more lounging room and a fold out sleeper love-seat which had been allowing three to live in the unit while they give their "main house" on the property up for other purposes. 

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