Home Owner Testimonial: 

What's the Deal with Owning a Tiny Home?


"My wife and I had been searching for months for the right tiny home to add to our property.  We contacted a local company that had tiny homes built on the mainland and were given a price quote of $86,000-$110,000.  The price was high for a “non-custom” tiny home, we decided to continue our search and that is when we stumbled on the home built by Dan and Ellie Madsen.  We saw pictures on Facebook of the tiny home being built, and a day before the open house, we contacted them for directions.  We got to the open house in the morning and when we saw the tiny home in person, we knew that this was the home we wanted!  What impressed us the most was the artistical value of the home, everything was so tastefully done to the finest of detail.  I’m a lover of local wood in a home build, the use of native curly mango wood in the window sills, bar, counters, shelves, and stairs sets this custom build apart from the typical package homes that you commonly see on other websites.  Then there is the huge circle window, with cute white tiles, and custom mango bar top, a perfect place to relax, sip your favorite beverage, and enjoy the view!  A frosted glass pocket door separates the kitchen and bathroom.  Many tiny homes have basic showers, or sometimes the showers are built outside of the home.  The full size shower, which utilizes the front corner of the home, boasts gorgeous blue tile, a rainfall showerhead, a round sliding glass door, and a clear roof that lets in the natural light!  There is even a place to grow live plants, it’s like showering in nature yet in the privacy of your own home, we love it!  Sleeping area is in the loft with ample room for a Queen size bed with custom storage bed frame,  a curved ceiling for headspace, sliding windows for lots of ventilation and natural light.  The kitchen size was perfect with two large windows on each side for lots of airflow, two stainless steel countertops with custom tiled backsplash for ease of cleanup, a double burner stove, a midsize refrigerator, and a dual function washer/dryer.  The tiny home came fully furnished as seen in the pictures, we didn’t need to hire an interior designer, this was all part of the package!  Step out the front door onto the custom wooden deck, a perfect place to hang out when the weather is nice!  We are so thrilled to have this dream tiny home and know that our guests will enjoy it as well!  Thank you, Ellie and Dan, for putting so much love into this build, a living work of art yet totally functional! Much aloha,"


 -Laron and Yumiko   


                                                Hilo, Hawaii


Our tiny homes are portable and have a small footprint giving you flexibility in where you choose to have your home. They are ideal for community living, long or short term rentals, or your own secluded slice of paradise. 

  • Place Tiny Homes on Your Own Land

  • Rent Land

  • Share Property with a Pre-established House or Community



Our Tiny Homes are built on super solid trailers making them closer to an RV than typical real estate. They are often referred to as "House-Trailers" and as such are registered with the DMV. Permitting and Planning has no say with vehicles. 

  • Trailer- Not a Permanent Structure



Our tiny homes are completely transportable on most roadways! This means you can hook up your new tiny home to the back of your heavy-duty truck and go, or have movers assist you (we know people ;).

  • Truck with a Substantial Tow Capacity 

  • We Can Coordinate with Movers to do it for You



Our homes do not come 100% self-contained, as most people's use does not align with having holding tanks on board.  All you will need is a water source- from another house, tank, or catchment; a power source- from another house, solar, or generator; and a septic system- from another house, have one installed on your land, or have a holding tank, or get a composting toilet.

  • Off-grid Options

  • On-grid Options


Tiny homes are not typical real estate and therefore people are not able to take out a standard mortgage on them, but tiny homes are becoming more and more recognized as legitimate investments. If your current bank is unwilling to help you, you can always seek help elsewhere.  

  • Yes, There are Lenders for Tiny Homes

  • Yes, There are Insurers of Tiny Homes

  • Yes, We Take Cash

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