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The Oasis Tiny Home



  • Length: 24

  • Width: 8'

  • Height: 14'

  • Trailer: Custom 24'

  • Deck: 10'x12'

  • Kitchen: 8'x8'

  • Living Room/Entrance w/Staircase: 12'x8'

  • Loft: 8'x8'

  • Bathroom: 4'x8'

  • Kitchen Ceiling Height: 7'

  • Loft Wall Height: 3' 

  • Loft Floor to Center Ceiling Beam: 4'


  • Framing: Wood

  • Roof: Corrugated metal and above shower sunroof

  • Ceiling: Vaulted/A-frame living room and

      bathroom. Curved above entrance and loft.

      Exposed beams.

  • Siding: Plywood


  • 260 Square Feet

  • Stairs: Oversized 15" step height, Fridge built-in

  • Flooring: Laminate, LifeProof, 

  • Kitchen Counter: 7'x2'  X2

  • 3/4 Bathroom: Shower, Sink, Toilet

  • Appliances: 3/4 size fridge, Washer/Dryer Combo,

       Range, On-demand Water Heater

  • Windows: One large focal point window with a

       dining bar (living room), two large kitchen windows

       that open entirely.


  • Deck: Included w/purchase of Home

  • Trailer: Included w/purchase of Home

  • Bar: attached to building outside the kitchen window

     -entrance side 


  • Curved and A-frame High Ceilings

  • Exposed Beams

  • Shower Sunroof

  • Grand Focal Point Dining Bar Window

  • Local Hawaiian Hard Wood 

  • Washer/Dryer Combo

  • Pass-Through Window to:

  • Outdoor Attached Bar

  • Built-in Storage

  • Space Specific Furniture 

  • Electric/ Propane

  • Appliances 

  • Off-grid optimization

  • Compost/Flush toilet

  • Paint Colors

  • Select layout features

  • Flooring

  • Countertops

  • Wood Accents

Included, but can be left out at buyer discretion for discount:

  • Deck

  • Trailer

  • Furnishings

Price Range: $50,000-150k

This home, although only 260 square feet is exceptionally spacious with high ceilings and a curved roof. The architecture is not only striking but entirely practical for a tiny home. A large round window was installed in the front of the home for eye-catching curb appeal that lets in enough light to expand the space inside. There is a pass-through awning window allowing for attached outdoor seating at the pass-through bar. There is also a breakfast bar inside stretching along the center of the circular window for dining. Exposed beams add charm and interest while the loft is especially inviting with its curved overhead. Long stainless steel countertops are sleek with a contemporary feel going along with a unique choice of husky cabinetry. Built-in storage in the staircase also provides a nook for a full fridge. A washer dryer combo is hardly noticed as it is neatly tucked under the counter. The shower may be the most innovative feature extending out over the tongue of the trailer the home is built on. This gives the bathroom a remarkable amount of added space. The shower feels as though it is outdoors surrounded by shiny tiles, a large curved sliding glass door, a skylight, and plants. The wood accents and slabs are additions from Hawaii coming from local mango trees.

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